A postcard from Wellington

Hi Nati con la Valigia,

How are you? I am in Wellington for this week, the capital of New Zealand, to visit some friends. Have you been here before?

It is so chilly! It is winter now, so cold and windy if compared to Brisbane, nevertheless this city is so small and cute, that I would recommend you a visit if you come on this side of the world.

Yesterday it was such a lovely day that I decided to take the cable car from Lambton Quay up to the Botanic Garden to enjoy the wonderful view of the harbour and then I visited Te Papa, the national museum to later mix myself with a bunch of other people to visit the Parliament House, and learn a bit about how NZ political system work. And to finish I went to a pub, called the Backbencher Pub, known as the political satire heart of the Capital, for his position, so close to the beehive (nickname for the Parliament House) and for his dishes, associated to the politicians who go there on a regular base.

Well I really enjoyed myself!

A big hug!

Simona Albanese

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